Maurice O’Keeffe Festival 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19 – It’s very sad 🙁

11am – 12:30 Fiddle Workshop Kiskeam Community Centre
with Eoin Stan O’Sullivan
Adm €10

I’ll be giving a workshop for fiddlers of all ages. Similar to 2019 I’ll be teaching a few nice tunes associated with Maurice O’Keeffe and giving a few tips about bowing, fingering and getting the local style. The workshop will cost €10 and anyone wanting to partake would need a basic grasp of ABC, staff notation or be able to pick up a tune by ear. PM me or call me on +353879100087 if you want more info.

Maurice O’Keeffe is a big hero to me and it’s a massive honour to be asked to give this workshop.