• Dan Herlihy Albums Digitised

    Dan Herlihy Albums Digitised

    I’ve digitally reissued two of the late Dan Herlihy’s albums through the Scullys Fest label. I’m delighted to have gotten permission to do this because I think it’s really important for Dan’s music to get an audience and go on to inspire and teach another generation. I also digitised the sleeve notes and they can…

  • Historical Fiction by Paudy Scully

    Historical Fiction by Paudy Scully

    I’ve been selling Paudy Scully‘s books to the followers of our Scullys Fest bandcamp page. Most of the stock has gone but there’s still some three book sets and a single copies of each left. Maybe some of you might like to acquire them? Get them here: https://scullysfest.bandcamp.com/

  • Up for the Ball!!

    Up for the Ball!!

    Some dusty copies of the Monks of the Screw Trio CD have surfaced. There’s only three available.It’s a very special album, full of great music. It a recording of three friends having fun playing together in the Paudy’s Scully’s back kitchen – great music’s natural habitat. It was recorded in the simplest way and it…

  • As It Was in Toureendarby

    As It Was in Toureendarby

    Earlier this year, we thought we had sold all the physical copies of Timmy O’Connor’s album “As It Was In Toureendarby.” But, surprise! We found another box of CDs under the kitchen table at Scully’s Bar in Newmarket. So, if you don’t already have this CD in your collection, now’s your chance to get it…

  • Hello world!

    Hello world!

    So I’ve changed the website again. Fingers crossed I’ll settle on this one. I started off on Drupal, then WordPress, then I wanted to try out Google sites and now I’m back on the WordPress again. Great.

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