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Dan Herlihy Albums Digitised

I’ve digitally reissued two of the late Dan Herlihy’s albums through the Scullys Fest label. I’m delighted to have gotten permission to do this because I think it’s really important for Dan’s music to get an audience and go on to inspire and teach another generation. I also digitised the sleeve notes and they can be downloaded with the albums.. #sliabhluachra🙂 Please support it and tell people.

Dan was a great champion of Sliabh Luachra music and he also published books of tunes. This is a short bio of Dan from the World Fiddle Day Scartaglin website:

Dan Jas. Herlihy. (Accordion).Born in Ballydesmond in 1942. Early tuition from his grandmother Kate, a concertina player, his mother Molly, a fiddle player, and Jack O’Connell of Lighthouse was also a big influence. Emigrated to London 1960 and played with Michael Gorman, Raymond Roland and many more great players. Returned home 1977 and played at all the sessions,féiles and festivals around the locality. He recorded a cassette tape,’Traditional Music from Sliabh Luachra’, 3 CDs and a DVD: ‘The night of the Fair’; ‘The Ballydesmond Polka’; and ‘The Millstream’. The DVD was also called ‘The Millstream’. He also published two music books: ‘Sliabh Luachra Music Masters, Vols. I and II’. He spent eight years collecting music and collected c. 900 tunes. He also taught music for about 10 yrs. in Ballydesmond. He died in 2019
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Up for the Ball!!

Some dusty copies of the Monks of the Screw Trio CD have surfaced. There’s only three available.
It’s a very special album, full of great music. It a recording of three friends having fun playing together in the Paudy’s Scully’s back kitchen – great music’s natural habitat. It was recorded in the simplest way and it has been an inspiration for the recordings that have been made in Newmarket since then.

The 15% discount code below can still be used on any music on the Scully Fest and the Sliabh Luachra Bandcamp pages until the end of September.
Code: sept15

If you’re around Cork for the Folk Festival watch out for gigs featuring two of the greatest bands of all time… That’s the Ceili Allstars in the Spalpin Fanach on Fri 29th
and Tionól supporting Muireann in the Triskel on September 28th

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As It Was in Toureendarby

Earlier this year, we thought we had sold all the physical copies of Timmy O’Connor’s album “As It Was In Toureendarby.” But, surprise! We found another box of CDs under the kitchen table at Scully’s Bar in Newmarket. So, if you don’t already have this CD in your collection, now’s your chance to get it
The album was recorded in Timmy’s house in Toureendarby, Newmarket, Co Cork by Jerry Harrington in 2009. The tunes Timmy picked and the style of playing was a very deliberate effort to recreate the sort of music that he heard as a young man at the Pattern Dances and House Parties. So It’s a bit of a concept album mixed with a sort of historical document.
To celebrate here’s a 15% discount code that can be used on Timmy’s album or any other releases in either the Scullys Fest and Sliabh Luachra Bandcamp shops until the end of September this year.

Code: sept15